Top Gun: Maverick

A reunion of some of the finest talent in the industry.
In 2018, Bradley GMUNK, myself, Jayse Hansen, Nicolas Lopardo and Toros Kose created the interface graphics, maps and displays for Joe Kosinki’s upcoming fourth feature film — Top Gun: Maverick. 

As the animation and creative lead, my team’s deliverables included the concepting, design, and animation of the user interfaces and animated graphics throughout the film. Close collaboration with the director, cast, and Lockheed Martin allowed us to develop exciting and new aviation interfaces, with a commitment to quality and accuracy that is typically overlooked in sci-fi  film and television.

Animation, creative and design leads,  David Lewandowski, Gmunk, Jayse Hansen. Supervising the talents of Toros Kose, Nicolas Lopardo, and James Heredia. 

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